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Oingo Boingo is an american new wave band active from 1979-1995. Oingo Boingo originally started as The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo started in 1972 by Richard Elfman, as a street theater troup in L.A.
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My Introduction to Oingo Boingo

I was first introduced to Oingo Boingo when I was pretty young (6 maybe?). My dad was a punk during the 80's and the 90's and knows ALOT of weird bands and artists, so I grew up listening to things like Oingo Boingo, DEVO, The Cure, The Addicts, Grateful Dead, an alot of other artists. He had quite a few of their CDs but I ended up breaking them all at sum point from listening to them to much. The only specific memories I still have are 1. coming home from primary school and playing one of the CDs on our old box TV an playing w/ my legos. and 2. dancing on my dads feet in our garage to Mary. This song has always stuck with me over the years, maybe cus I feel like I can relate to mary as the EXTREMELY shy middle child in a family of 3 daughters. I kinda forgot about Oingo until early 2019. I was really happy for the 1st half of that year and I guess it reminded me of being a happy little child. I ended up getting really back into their music and remembering how much I loved the band.