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Rooms of the House

Released: March 18, 2014

ah,,, Rooms of the House,,, my #1 c0mf0rt album,, like,, yall d0nt even kn0w, this album is s0 imp0rtant 2 me. it was the 1st full La Dispute i listemed 2, back in 8th grade,, i used 2 play this CD 0n repeat like,,, alm0st every nite 2 help me sleep. i listened 2 it s0 much an s0 l0ud i blew 0ut the speakers 0n my 0ld CD player,, it can make me pretty nolstalgic sumtimes, mainly 8th grade, makes me think ab0ut walking h0me fr0m sch00l,, sitting at the park 4 an h0ur after sch00l cus i didnt wanna g0 h0me. anyways,, i kn0w like,,, n0thing ab0ut music in technical terms s0 i may jus s0und dumb, but the pr0gressi0n 0f the album jus,, helps me get shit 0ut an calm down, it starts 0ff a bit harder with the 1st 2 tracks 'HUDSONVILLE, MI 1956' and ' First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice' an then calms d0wn a bit with 'Woman (In Mirror)' which is 1 0f my fav0urite s0ngs 0ff the album an La Dispute in general, it picks back up with 'SCENES FROM HIGHWAYS 1981/2009' then 'For Mayor In Splitsville' which is such a g00d s0ng, the verse

"Funny what you think of in the wreckage, lying there in the dirt and the dust and the glass
How you're suddenly somewhere, in the desert, in the nighttime, and it's getting close to Christmas
And then her and that movie voice she uses when she reads
"Welcome to the Land of Enchantment" from a highway sign
And it's late so you take the next exit"

has kinda stuck with me 0ver the years, like,, h0w Jordan says it in the s0ng is jus s0,,,, g00d 2 me,, i jus really like the lyrics 4 this s0ng in general, an i guess i c0nnected with it a bit m0re wen my parents split, an s0rt 0f h0w unstable they were when i 1st f0und the album, the next track '35' is pr0lly 1 0f my least favs 0n the album,'Stay Happy There' is the last "harder" s0ng in my 0pini0n, and with 'THE CHILD WE LOST 1963' the album starts 2 calm d0wn a bit, its still a bit hard, but its usually where i finish 0ff being upset, its als0 1 0f my fav tracks 0n the album, the lyrics are jus,,, mmmmmmmmm,

"No, they never said her name aloud around you
Only told you it was perfect where your sister went
And you didn't understand why it hurt them so much then that she'd come and left so soon
Could only guess inside your head at what a "stillbirth" meant
Only knew that mother wept"

i cant really paste the entirety 0f the lyrics,,, cus thats al0t,, but the lyrics are really g00d an well put togethr, i cant explain it,, jus listen 2 the s0ng an the w0rds,,, anyways next is 'Woman (Reading)' s0und very similar 2 'Woman (In Mirror)' an i like that,, it balances 0ut the album pretty well, its nice, als0 1 0f my fav s0ngs in general,,, ah the last 2 s0ngs, 'Extraordinary Dinner Party' and 'Objects in Space', Dinner Party is nice,, wraps up the album pretty well, menti0ns things talked ab0ut in 0ther s0ngs 0n the album, an transiti0ns in2 0bjects in space VERY WELL, the transiti0n is 100% my fav0urite part 0f the album, its n0t as g00d if u listen 0n y0utube but 0n CD,, MWHAAAAAA CHEFS KISS DELICI0US,, 0bjects in space is very calm, kinda like sp0ken w0rd, theres a specific lil change in the music at 2:25 in the s0ng an its jus,, s0 perfect t0 me, ill listen 2 the s0ng 0ver again if im n0t paying attenti0n 2 it a miss it, 0verall this is such a g00d album, it never fails 2 calm me d0wn when im upset, an is jus such an imp0rtant part 0f my life, and is h0nestly part 0f the reas0n La Dispute is an always will be my fav0urite band, i can listen 2 it in any m00d an the fact i usually listen 2 it when im upset d0esnt affect my m00d any 0ther time i listen 2 it, an all thier 0ther music as well, i def suggest listenig 2 it a few times an really feelin it,, 0n high v0lume 2 cus being able 2 hear the bass, drums, an guitar an shit all defined is s00000000 g00d. 10/10