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fellow neocitizens


hi, hello, welcome 2...the W0rm Party
the Birthday W0rm Party
it is on this day, April 6th, that I, wormie, turn a year older...
technically see i was born in New Zealand so technically my bday is on the 5th in america cus NZ is a day ahead of the US


so this year me an my frens went 2 see sonic movie 2 lmao,,,BUT honestly it was such a good movie fr i loved it,, i pulled up 2 the movie in my sonic shirt an i had my shadow plushie and my shadow an movie robotnik minifigs it was great especially the end of the movie if yaknow what i mean ;)


yassss presents ;P,, 1st of all i got myself a new doll heheh(my mom paid 4 part of her lol)
shes lichrally so cute tho il herrrr,,, plus i made her in 2 my beloved weaboob~chan ;D
her box an her coa r so cute 2 ahhhhh
shes a kinoko juice haine!! if the style looks familiar its bc they also make kikipops!!

my friend ash got me a peepy 2!!!!! and then i got myself Mr. Herbert West i love him ;))) heheheheh i really like reanimator lmao