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fellow neocitizens

ah, La Dispute,, easily my fav0urite band,, i have many 0ther bands that c0me cl0se 2 my number 1 fav0urite band,, but n0ne can pass them.

My Intr0ducti0n

the year was 2016, i was in 8th grade. back in the days when i used pandora 2 listen 2 music, i had been having a bit of a tough time in middle school like most people do. i wanna say they 1st showed up on my twenty one pilots radio,, the 1st song i ever heard was King Park

and being as edgy as i thought i was i loved it lmao,, i started listening 2 more of thier songs an then 4 christmas that year i decided 2 buy the 3 albums they had on their store at the time on CD, this is what started my CD c0llection. now,, when i b0ught the CDs,, i hadnt actually listened 2 like most of thier songs,, so i just ended up listening 2 those CDs on repeat,, cus they were kinda the only CDs i had at the time,, i have a pretty specific memory listening to thier 3rd album 'Rooms of the House' when i g0t my 1st BJD in 8th,, which is another pretty,, solid thing in my personality and life. see the thing i love so much about La Dispute tho,, is that i can listen to them in almost any mood,, i can be depressed or pissed off or happy,, however i feel,, i can listen 2 them. this combined with the fact that ive pretty consistantly listened 2 them 4 ab0ut 5 years,, is why they are my favourite band.