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fellow neocitizens

Welcome to my shitty opinions on food!!!

Ahhh,, Monsters,,, i dont actively drink these anymore,,, so from now on ill only really be reviewing any new flavours,, an occasionally flavours i havnt yet tried [lookin at u ultra violet]

M0nster 0riginal

bruhhhhh i fuckin l0veeeee m0nsterss. the 0riginal is pr0lly my fav0urite ngl, itz jus s0000 g00d. pers0nally the taste reminds me 0f those bubblegum ice cream bars fr0m the ice cream trucks, which is y i l0ve m0nsters cus th0se bars r like a n0lstalgia thing 4 me. 9/10

M0nster Ultra Blue

0k i fuckin l0veee ultra blue 2. blue an 0riginal r tied 4 my fav0urite cus they both reallllyyyy g00d. 0k 0k s0 i think that ultra blue tastes alm0st exactly like blue raspberry dum-dums. 9/10

M0nster Juice - Pipeline Punch

0k s0 i havnt had pipeline punch in a while but its pretty g00d. the flav0ur is kinda like 0range juice, n0t like 0range juice 0range juice but idk like sunny-d 0r tampic0 0range has like a fruity n0t jus 0range juice taste th0. 7/10

M0nster Ultra Paradise

uhhhh i d0nt really remember h0w it tasted that much ngl ^^" i tried it like a m0nth ag0 an i was high s0 yeaaa. all i remember is that i was pretty disapp0inted cus i l00ked up like a flav0ur guide an it said it was like watermel0n an green apple, but idk what i was expecting but it wasnt it. its not at all my fav0urite but my sister liked it s0 its worth a try. 4/10
ok s0 i tried paradise again b/c i needed the can an my sis wanted it an it was better than i remembered it, an like its still not my fav but its aight, new rating is 5/10

M0nster Ultra Fiesta

i tr1ed fiesta at the same time as paradise s0 i d0nt really remember it either but like its p much jus mang0 an i d0nt really like mang0es s0 yea n0t my fav0urite. ig its kinda like arizona much0 mang0 but like it still has that m0nster taste yakn0w. 3/10

M0nster Ultra Zer0

n0t that bad actually, i c0uld pr0lly see myself buying 1. its kinda like citrus-y, ive seen it described as like squirt, but i w0uldnt kn0w cus ive never had squirt. idk my lil sis an her friend l0ve it. 7/10

M0nster Ultra Sunrise

0MG 0K SUNRISE IS HELLA G00D, i think i mite like it better than blue an the 0riginal, n0t 100% sure h0w i rank them jus yet but its 1 of my new fav0urites. 0k s0 its like basically 0range juice, kinda like sunny d 0r tampic0, an i reallyyyyyy like tampic0 s0 i think its hella g00d, alredy b0ught it twice 9/10 update: yea sunrise is def my fav0urite n0w

M0nster Ultra Red

*sighhhh* 0k s0 i was kinda exicited 2 try red cus sum1 0n a disc0rd server was hyping it up an sayin it was s0 g00d, s0 i was p disap0inted with it tbh. like quite h0nestly i c0uldnt tell u what it tasted like,, it was very, idk bland, like it didnt realy have much 0f a taste... ig a lil bit like strawberry or raspberry maybe?? hhhh idk n0t my fav at all. 4/10

M0nster Ultra R0sa

bruhhh 0k l0wkey cant tell wtf r0sa tastes like either but mmmmmmmm its p g00d. my sisters said it tastes like red 0tter p0ps which i d0nt really see that much,, idk it kinda jus tases pink 2 me??? when i like was drinking it it kinda tasted like strawberry v0dka an sprite?? idk like kinda alc0h0l-y the after taste was really nice th0. ill def get it again. 9/10

M0nster Juice - Kha0s

ehhhhh its aight n0t my fav,, kinda tastes like,,, the 0riginal flav0ur but like kinda 0range-y, my 1st th0ught was cactus c00ler but after drinking m0re it has like that *m0nster* taste that the 0riginal has.. im still tryna figure 0ut what the after taste is cus it seems familiar but i cant put my finger 0n it. idk its 0k but idk if id but it again 5/10

M0nster Juice - Papill0n

bruhhhh 0k s0 i was excited 2 see the new flav0urs s0 0fc i had 2 get it when i saw,,, papill0n is ehhh its g00d,, pr0lly my fav juice m0nster 0utta the 1s ive had. uhm it kind jus tastes like peach rings, idk now that i think ab0ut it like a few weeks later,, its kinda meh, i d0nt really artificial peach flav0ur, kind tastes like ass im0. its still n0t that bad but idk if id get it again, my sister b0ught me 0ne an im like, debating if i wanna drink it 0r not cus peach jus dd0esnt s0und v g00d an ive als0 been tryna n0t drink m0nsters as much cus they super unhealthy... 6/10

M0nster Juice - Kha0tic

tried this 0ff my sister, i had like,, 1 sip s0 this n0t really liek,, in depth?? like the 0thers. um it tasted m0re orangey than kha0s,,, didnt have that really wierd taste that kha0s had. its aight, al0t better than kha0s im0, 6/10

monster ultra gold

kimda,,,, bland,,,ik its pinapple but,,,hhhh idk,, kinda vague pinapple,,, has that signature like,,, monster taste u know,,,kinda tastes like how the bath and body works pinapple scent smells 6/10