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fellow neocitizens

Welcome to my shitty opinions on food!!!

7/11 Fantasy Gummies

THESE,,, THESE ARE VERY GOOD,, ive gotten them a few times cus uh,,, they fuckin smackk,, the flavours on these 1s are, cotton candy [unicorn head shape], starfruit [i think this 1 is the mermaid shape, an rainbow sherbet [i,, im assuming the orange/green rainbow shape is the rainbow sherbet,, i cant tell] i dont like the cotton candy all that much,, deffy my least fav in the pack,, pretty generic cotton candy flavour,,, the mermaid shape which i think is the starfruit 1,,, this 1 is my favourite in the pack,, very good mmm,, the rainbow shape is good 2,, mainly cus its not like,,, super sweet like the cotton candy,, i rate these like,,,, a 8/10,, i get these pretty often wen im at my dads

7/11 Gamer Gummies

okok so i was at my dads an i saw these,,, i couldnt not get them!! like,,,
they jus looked so,,, mysterious an weird on the shelf,,
*yellow can shape - kinda like,,, lemony or sumn???
prolly supposed 2 b the monster flavour,,, not bad tbh
*red gamer head... - kinda jus,,,tastes like red,, basic red candy yaknow
*green controller - weird,,kinda jus tastes like green
,,like ,,,idk a lime?? prolly my least fav,,, not super good
uhmmm overall,, they werent the best,, they were kinda weird,, i felt like i was consuming something that shouldnt exist in this timeline,, from what i remeber the texture of the gummy was pretty good,, more like a fruit snack kinda texture than like,, gummy bear,, they did have like,,, a weird,, film??? like,,, glaze or a waxy coating on them??? idk how 2 describe it,, but it made them look pretty unappealing in the bag,,, ummm rating,, id have 2 give them like,,, a 4/10,,, that werent the worst but i prolly wouldnt get them again,,, altho typin this up has kinda made me want them again lmao

Cheet0s Mac and Cheese

0mg its the 1st thing 0n here thats n0t m0nster w0ah... um anyways s0 uhm,, idrk h0w 2 describe the flav0ur 0f this shit,,, like it d0esnt taste like cheet0s like,, the aftertaste d0es a bit but idk,, the m0re i like,,, try an see what it tastes like,, it kinda tastes more like cheet0s, but idk n0t really like idk it kind jus tastes 0ff 2 me. its kinda hard 2 eat cus the taste kinda,, idk makes me a bit unc0mpfy,, idk i pr0lly w0nt buy it again cus i d0nt really like it,, i fuckin l0ve cheet0s th0 s0 kinda disap0inted,,, hmmm 4/10