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fellow neocitizens

Welcome to my shitty opinions on food!!!

Im on the hunt for good instant ramen, as yall already know,, im very picky,,, which obviously applies to ramen as well,,

snapdragon - vietnamese beef pho

idk how i feel about pho since this is only the 2nd one ive had,, i do like the rice noodles,, theyre good,,, this one,, doesnt really taste like beef all that much,, its a lil spicy,, like,,, yr lips r burnin a lil spicy,, it doesnt have a whole lot of flavour,,, but its not bad,,, idk,, i dont really have a whole lot 2 say bout this 1,, 7/10

mikes mighty good craft ramen - savoury miso

so this ramens a bit more pricy,,, like,, 2.99,, but its from sprouts an its organic,,, the ramen looks different from normal ramen,, its like,, in a ball,, instead of the typical brick shape,, theres lil pieces of seaweed in the seasoning packet,,, which i think is p nice,,, AND theres none of those yucky lil green onion fuckin thingys i hate. the noodles r p good,, they a lil bit chewy compared 2 normal ramen noodles,,, but i like it. the soup does taste like miso(duh) not like,, the miso i usually get at my local sushi place or like,,, instant miso packets,,,, but its still pretty good. tbh i actually really like this ramen,, very good,,, its a bit pricy,, but its organic an its pretty damn good quality, i mite have 2 pick up the other flavours next time theyre on sale. id say its about on the same level as those other udon miso noodles 9/10

cup noodles stir fry:teriyaki beef

it has a sTronger teriyaki kinda smell wen u open it, theres a pretty good amount of the veggies, but i always tip them out cus i dont like them,, maybe next time i could try them cus they looked like,,, decent quality. it smelled pretty good tho ngl, my sis tried the powder on it own an she said it was really good. it said to cook it in the microwave for 4 minutes but i prefer my noodles a bit under cooked so i jus did the usual boiling water method, but its good they made the cups so u can actually put it in the microwave if ya want. now for the actual taste, its pretty good, basic teriyaki yaknow. i like it better than those other teriyaki noodles. the flavour is a bit strong for my tastes personally, but if ya like teriyaki then you'll prolly like this 1. i think if i were to get it again ill prolly dump out sum of the powder and/or add more water(there was a pretty like,, thick layer of powder on top of the noodles, u could see it clearly) 8/10

korean bbq ramen

this 1 has a lot less veggies than the teriyaki beef,, like there was 3 pieces of what i assume is cabbage,, there was alos alot of excess seasoning,, so i dumped out a bit of it along with the 3 veggie pieces an the yucky looking dried meat(i never eat them) now that the noodles have cooked,,, i should have kept the seasoning i dumped out o_o" the flavour is kinda faint, but that my fault,,,, theres quite a bit of those yucky lil green things they always put in ramen,,, i hate them,, an they kinda hard 2 avoid :-/ i dont think there were any in the teriyaki 1 cus i didnt say anything about it. ive never had korean bbq so i can really judge if it actually tastes like korean bbq,, but the taste isnt bad tho,, tbh,, the flavour kinda reminds me of gingerbread,, weird,, overall,, its not bad, i think i like it better than the teriyaki beef, i can prolly finish the whole cup this time(i gave half the teriyaki 2 my sister,,)i think ill pick up another 1 next time im at the store an then not dump out some of the seasoning an make an update,, 8.5/10