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fellow neocitizens

S0ng 0f the Day

im prolly n0t going to actually p0st a song everyday
(that would end up being al0t)


ima start adding commentary to sum of these songs[also meaning ill prolly go back an add comments 2 already existing posts],, i really like the new album,, ive been listening 2 it alot ahaha,,, ive been listening 2 their older stuff again 2,, i 4got how good it was,, ik alotta ppl have been sayin SAI doesnt *sound* like them,,, but i really like it tbh,,,


ahhhhh i really like til' tuesday[only thier 1st album so far tho] an fuck idk,,, sumn about the MV version wif the gap in the middle for dialouge,,, mmmmm its jus so good,,, i only listen 2 the MV version now ahahah